Western Artwork - Massurrealism - A Fashionable Surrealist Artwork With Technical Edge

Massurealism - the idea

Massurrealism, a mix of surrealism and mass media, is a type of Western artwork. The American artist James Seehafer discovered the time period 1992. Surrealism is an artwork that focuses on what lies exterior of actuality. It was developed by experimenting with new strategies and strategies to find and expertise the unreal and to determine its relativity with actuality. Mass media consists of expertise and pop artwork, whose instruments are video and pc graphics. Pop Artwork is a type of expertise artwork that makes use of these instruments for particular person inventive manufacturing. Due to this fact, creating surrealist artworks utilizing expertise is named mass realism. In response to sea oats, the basic distinction between surrealism and massurrealism is that surrealism developed within the 20th century earlier than the proliferation of mass media in Europe. With the assistance of latest pc graphics and movies, massurrealists can totally management the illustration of each picture aircraft that the surrealists may solely dream of.

The historical past

James Seehafer, the founding father of the phrase "massurrealism," started his work with a procuring cart that represented mass media-fueled American mass consumption. In 1995, with a small program, he impressed some German college students to carry a Massurrealist present. Quickly, James began his personal web site and obtained works by different artists. The theories of Cecil Touchon, Marshall Mcluhan and Jean Baudrillard have influenced the massurealism nicely. Many argued that the definition of massurealism primarily limits creativity. A free artwork can classify and categorize the whole lot in life.

The artists

Along with James Sea Oats, F. Michael Morris, Marketta Leino, Ginnie Gardiner, Dominic Ali, Capyln Dor and Cecil Touchan are the main Massurrealists. This artwork kind began in New York and unfold to Los Angeles and past the US borders to Mexico, Russia and Europe.

The artistic endeavors

Probably the most well-known Massurrealist work is Sea Oats & Digital Collage, & # 39; Buying Cart & # 39; s; (1990). On this murals, the automotive is in a darkish background, in one of the crucial surprising locations for such an object, suggesting an alternate which means hidden on this business image. One other Massurrealistisches masterpiece is the combined media work "The Lifeless Metropolis" (2004) by Melanie Marie Kreuzhof.


Massurrealism, a connection between surrealism and mass media, is usually greater than a mix of surrealism, pop artwork and mass media. Principally, it should discover and develop the interplay that outcomes from the juxtaposition of those sensations. A massurealist work ought to ideally reveal an lively dialogue between its defining parts.

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