Philadelphia Church of God Leads Laodicean Period (Half 1)

I've most of all confirmed in prayer that the Philadelphia Church of God is essentially the most distinctive of all teams which have distanced themselves from the vile instructing adjustments of the Worldwide Church of God. Simply Malachi's message speaks clearly with AUTHORITY and never "just like the scribes" (Mt 7:29). I've listened attentively to the shepherd's voice and heard what the Spirit is saying right this moment to God's Church, trying by way of all the things with the Bible, and what Mr. Armstrong has been faithfully instructing us (John 10: 3; 3:22; 2 Thess 2:15).

After all there are those that declare Following the traditions we have been skilled in, they refused to humble themselves and undergo the truth that JESUS ​​CHRIST had already moved his LAMP standing once they lastly noticed the sunshine! They solely wanted to go the place Christ had already left and assist HIS WORK to make the errors within the Worldwide Church of God whereas clinging to God's fact for God's life! We both get a grip - or we lose it! (Rev. 3:11).

As a substitute of working with Christ, some have chosen to do their very own factor by contributing to the Church's confusion quite than contributing to the restoration of the Order (1 Cor 14:33). Why waste duplicate efforts, treasured money and time? Why don't you affiliate with the PCG in order that we will current a UNITED FRONT to an more and more divided world? This may allow us to successfully share the message that GOD would give them to others (John 12:49). Now we have joined forces to return collectively in Christ, particularly as all of us have heard repeatedly, "There is just one church, CHURCH" ( Thriller of the instances, pg. 243).

Whether or not we prefer it or not, God has chosen Gerald Flurry in his infinite knowledge betray to the Church of God, what was happening - and in order that we will present our true colours, how we responded to them Malachi's message. (That doesn't imply that Mr. Flurry is infallible or that he doesn't have to use the rules of on a regular basis Malachi's message to your self and to the group, as we wrote in my article "Worldwide All Over Once more?"

Restored in Zion!

If I'm so satisfied that it's Christ simply with the PCG, and that the others are themselves murdered, largely resisting God's steerage, why don't I go to their ministries? (Matt 7:21, 1 Sam 15:23). And the way can I imagine that God is actively working by way of me within the Center East? As a result of I've been wrongfully excluded (2 Thessalonians 3: 2), I stay devoted to the reality of God they educate!

It's KNOWING to see that a corporation that appears to have began so properly and strongly and accurately turns into a cult of persona that guidelines by way of intimidation and worry and borders the Emperors' Guild! Nonetheless, in some ways, they've extra fact than the others, as Herbert W. Armstrong Sardis (Church of God, Day 7) noticed, however handed out. Humorous however true! Maybe it was as if Saul have been nonetheless the anointed, till he was punished for his sins by loss of life after which dominated David ...

If Gerald Flurry was nothing in his personal view or in his thoughts, God used it, and now it appears as if he has been upended, all the brand new revelations (and he simply doesn't perceive something), and he forgives all of them Reality is from and belongs to GOD and God can use a donkey to ship it! (1 Corinthians 4: 7). Gerald Flurry is so swollen in his personal thoughts that he doesn't notice he's the chief of LAODICEA! He is aware of what warning God offers to the Laodiceans, of which he's the boss! He ought to pay extra consideration to his personal phrases!

Beneath Herbert Armstrong Pasadena, California was the headquarters of the Philadelphia period of the Church of God; Now, Edmond, Oklahoma, is the headquarters of the Laodicean period, and subsequent in God's plan is the restoration of his headquarters in Jerusalem!

God is aware of mine Perspective and actions I nonetheless assist the work that God has given them, however I really imagine what the lecturers of Gerald Flurry are doing: their work is nearly over! It would solely barely overlap the start of GOD'S FINAL WORK as described in my e book. Past Babylon: Rise and Fall in Europe (John 3:30). Minister Dennis Leap has maliciously excluded me for believing that God ORDAINED that I ought to promote his timeless fact (Isa 61: 1), despite the fact that I'm not or is not going to be from the "College of the Prophets" (Ambassador School) about it in a "standard" manner (1 Sam 17:39).

I've come to know higher that God has already begun Transition course of His Menorah - his candlestick to JERUSALEM! (1 Okay 11:36, Amos 9:11). As predicted, a NATIONAL MESSENGER shall be energetic in Jerusalem to arrange the best way for the approaching return of the Messiah (Zech. 12: 8). God reveals He would ship that outspoken particular person to ship a BLISTER MESSAGE and Burning Corruption to the NATIONS - simply earlier than NUCLEAR FIRE AND BRIMSTONE fell down from those that returned GODS ULTIMATUM! (Isa 41:27; 30:27; Micah 3: 8).

It's from Jerusalem that we should warn that one other HOLOCAUST is coming! That is the delicate place the place God will spark a NATIONAL DEBATE and spark worldwide controversy! (Micah 6: 1-2). It would shock the Jews and annoy the Germans! It insults many Holocaust survivors who now dwell in Israel inappropriately, however they're dedicated to understanding our personal experiences and lending their voices their voice. You your self have obtained testimony of GERMANY BRUTE FORCE to assist our efforts to make sure "By no means Once more"! "

Regardless, we will count on a whirlwind of protest and a bitter backlash - however such a persecution will solely set fireplace to the flames of this BURNING EDGE! (Isa 54: 15-16). Each Germany and Israel (for their very own causes) will immediately cease this "incitement" (fearfulness and racism), however they'll fail, and God's Phrase will prevail (Jer. 1:19).

God Acquired to Grant his two witnesses "political immunity" to allow them to be free to say something he instructions, even when the world considers them public enemy primary! 105: 15, Rev. 11:10. Undeterred, they carry out God's work and function official authorities spokesmen, even within the hostile opposition (Jer 1: 8). However I'm forward of myself. That's all in Past Babylon However again to the start - the true Philadelphia period ...

Experiences of Mr. Armstrong

Within the phrases of Mr. Armstrong, relating to his dealings with sure Sardis ministers: "I can't cover the FACTS!" ( Autobiography of HWA, Vol. 1, pg. 366). So as to not be misunderstood, I've least hesitated to say or write about my experiences with sure professing Philadelphia lecturers, however I really feel compelled by GOD to talk the reality with out fearing the reactions of males, however Belief in God's function!

Mr. Armstrong experiences how he gave the Church of God a "twin check" on the seventh day to find out if it actually was the Church of God or not. His first check concerned sending out an "Publicity of 16 TYPEWRITTEN PAGES", which clearly, clearly and past the contradiction {that a} sure subordinate level of doctrine ... was in error ... to see if its leaders made errors and Confess adjustments. "Their chief acknowledged what Mr. Armstrong turned out to be true, however feared that many members may get upset and even threaten the division of the church!" This, after all, appears to be like very assured. "( Autobiography of HWA, Vol. 1, pgs. 360-361, highlighting my).

I additionally discovered that "some subordinate level of the instructing" taught by Dennis Leap (on which 144,000) was false. I didn't wish to rock the boat, and I had not misplaced my sleep, so I simply needed to disregard it or overlook it, however God wouldn't let me! Amazingly, an expensive good friend requested me concerning the 144,000 out of the blue, after which one way or the other it got here again to another person. So God managed to show my consideration to Dennis Leap. I despatched him my PAGE and 1/2 LETTER, reproduced right here - and heard nothing.

Lastly, for my third attempt (I'm not giving up simply!), Dennis Leap mentioned with me on the cellphone. After I talked about that the Bible clearly states that after you could have damaged your seal, you could have misplaced your salvation, claiming we could possibly be "resealed" to crucify Christ twice, Dennis Leap stuttered. Unable to justify his place, he remained decided to stay to my grief. Just like the expertise of Herbert W. Armstrong: "After all, this impacts my self-confidence."

Church rejects new fact

God used an evangelist in Florida to problem Mr. Armstrong. He had written to Mr. Armstrong and informed him he was ignorant if he didn't know the place we're talked about within the Bible. After reviewing the stunning quantity of knowledge on the topic within the library, Mr. Armstrong confirmed that the so-called "Misplaced 10 Tribes" are certainly the American, British, and North European peoples. He then despatched the "detailed manuscript of practically 300 TYPED PAGES" written in assist of this fact to the writer and chief of the church. "Did this church settle for and proclaim this very important new fact ... However this church then refused to simply accept or preach or publish it, despite the fact that its chief was genuinely confused, that it was TRUTH and a revelation from GOD, however right here was the church that appeared to have extra fact and fewer errors than others ... that was actually complicated! "(p. 362) ...

Philadelphia Church of God leads Laodicean period (Conclusion)

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