Interview With JA Leary, Creator of The Angel Hunter

J. A. Leary was skilled as a mathematician and laptop scientist. He holds a level from the College of Central Florida (BS) and Boston School (MS).

His love of fiction writing, after a protracted profession as a software program engineer, grew to become a occupation that allowed him the privilege of engaged on the American house program at NASA's Kennedy House Middle.

He overtly admits a timeless infatuation along with his spouse Annette, whom he married in 1987. It was his first motivation for writing and inspiration for Victoria Hunter. YES. and Annette reside in Orlando, Florida, and have 4 youngsters.

Tyler: Welcome, J.A. I'm happy to talk to you about your new novel and the historic and biblical threads that you've woven into it. Firstly, will you briefly inform us about the principle character, Victoria Hunter, and what's her state of affairs when the novel begins?

J.A .: Thanks for having me. And sure, let's go in proper now. Victoria Hunter is uncommon, very uncommon. On the tender age of twenty-eight, she joined the group and have become CEO. With an excellent thoughts and sensitivity for individuals, their world appears to be excellent, at the very least for just a few paragraphs. Then we be taught that her husband is useless and she or he is elevating her twin sons by herself.

Tyler: What's Victoria's psychological state when her youngsters are kidnapped?

J.A.: Now the circumstances wherein their youngsters disappear are alien and horrible. She suffers from posttraumatic stress that's extreme sufficient to erase the reminiscence of her youngsters.

Tyler: Do you wish to inform us one thing about this abduction? How did it occur

J.A .: Think about this putting younger lady, who is gorgeous and vibrant and whose twin sons at the moment are the middle of their world after tragically shedding their soulmate. Then two males seem of their condominium and speak in regards to the destiny of their boys and with robust German accents. Nonetheless, earlier than she will be satisfied of her function because the mom of the brand new empire, the home shivers and the wind of eternity stretches by way of the nursery. The invaders panic. Victoria stands on the backside of the large staircase in her home and hears the cries of the infants from the higher room. She runs up the steps and calls her names in a panic.

Tyler: What's Victoria doing to seek out out what occurred to her youngsters?

J.A.: She follows the path. This leads them to reject the rational, query the possible, and ponder the unbelievable.

Tyler: Why does solely your psychiatrist consider that she is telling the reality?

J.A .: Nicely, that's a court docket ruling. He has practiced psychiatry for over twenty-five years, and Victoria merely doesn't match into the psychological profile of a girl affected by postpartum psychosis, and she or he has no psychological diseases. As well as, there are just a few curvy bullets that Victoria throws at him, and rethink a normal psychiatric prognosis.

Tyler: I discussed in your introduction that your spouse Annette was the inspiration for Victoria Hunter. How did she really feel while you used her to painting your heroine?

J.A.: She liked it. And she or he loves the ebook.

Tyler: Why is the ebook referred to as "The Angel Hunter"? What significance do angels have for the plot?

J.A.: It's a pun. Victoria's final title is Hunter. It asks a query within the reader's thoughts after they open the ebook and skim their final title. So far as angels are involved, there are some horrible circumstances wherein Victoria wants some assist.

Tyler: Might you inform us one thing in regards to the destiny of Victoria's sons, or will that betray the conspiracy?

J.A.: Let's simply say, their destiny goes far past the stereotypical heroes to avoid wasting the world sooner or later.

Tyler: Why did you begin two sons for Victoria? Why not only a child who's a hero?

J.A .: This might be defined in a future ebook. I at the moment see the Angel Hunter sequence as 4 books. Your sons might be very important.

Tyler: Inform me extra in regards to the Holy Lance. What's your legend and story and why is it vital in "The Angel Hunter"?

J.A .: Ah, an awesome query. For 2 millennia, the spear of destiny has been the obsession of very highly effective conquerors. From Charlemagne to Adolf Hitler. The legend says it's the spear of Longinus. He's the centurion who pierced the aspect of Jesus when he was useless.

He who possesses the spear has his energy, supplied he is aware of how: Now Victoria? Learn the ebook and you'll discover out.

Tyler: What's the spear's energy? What did Charlemagne and Hitler wish to obtain with the spear, and did they ever discover him or was he fully legendary?

J.A .: Oh, sure. Hitler and Charlemagne as soon as had the sacred lance. Is it the true spear that pierced Jesus? We have now no approach of figuring out.

Tyler: In your web site you've a hyperlink to a different web site about "The Ebook of Enoch". For our readers unfamiliar with the Bible, who was Enoch, and why is he vital to the novel?

YES OK. That's a captivating subject. First, "The Ebook of Enoch" shouldn't be a canonized Previous Testomony ebook, although it was at one time. Enoch was an Previous Testomony prophet who "walked with God." His writings instructed of the fallen race of angels whom he referred to as observers. This race of beings was very within the magnificence and femininity of mortal ladies. And with these "daughters of males" that they had passionate relationships. Their descendants grew to become often called the Niphilum. It was the Niphilum that many theologians consider has introduced corruption to mankind: not consuming an apple within the Backyard of Eden. Relating to the novel, Victoria's husband is useless for a yr when the ebook opens. However, she has three-month-old twin sons. Timing is every thing.

Tyler: Fascinating, J.A. Is Victoria conscious of what occurred to her when she bought pregnant or is she simply as shocked by the start of her youngsters?

J.A.: She believes the boys are her husband's reward to her.

Tyler: J.A. It's best to have a studying in a bookstore on the College of Notre Dame, however I perceive that it was canceled. Would you inform us what occurred there? Does your ebook have a connection to the College of Notre Dame?

J.A .: Sure, I used to be upset. Notre Dame is a very distinctive and mystical place, for which I've the best esteem. Victoria is a graduate of Notre Dame and novel on the Notre Dame campus. Nonetheless, I defined to the curator that with out intrigue, suspense and drama, I've no historical past. Nicely, the intrigue, the drama and the strain had been an excessive amount of for the administration. I even have clues behind the ebook, one which expressly thanked Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle for his or her work: that didn't match effectively.

Tyler: The ebook has scenes within the grotto of Notre Dame. Is that what they primarily disagreed with? Are you able to inform us one thing about this scene?

J.A.: There are a number of scenes with the grotto. What I perceive is the objection of the demonstrative human drama that unfolds within the basilica and grotto.

Tyler: What solutions have you ever obtained so removed from individuals who have learn your ebook?

J.A .: I'm overwhelmed by the reply. Individuals love Victoria, they love historical past. Some readers even say that Victoria helped them look inside themselves, at their perception methods, and at how they understand the world round them. In different phrases, they're extra woke up by this fictitious journey. Consciousness doesn't care what will get you there so long as you arrive there.

Tyler: "The Angel Hunter" has a listing of advisable readings on the finish, which is uncommon for a novel work. Why did you resolve to incorporate this record?

J.A .: I needed readers to know sure issues. First, I didn't give you the stuff about Enoch, Moses, and the Ark of the Covenant. There are credible historians who're actually doing improbable analysis on our fashionable and historical historical past, and so they present conclusions that contradict the accepted religions and beliefs of Judeo-Christian society. That's not a nasty factor. And second, the rise of the Third Reich passed off within the midst of contemporary civilized humanity. It was not a coup or a revolution. Individuals needed to get Hitler in and Hindenburg out. We by no means should overlook that. When persons are destitute, frightened and hungry, when a frontrunner, irrespective of how loopy his concepts, says jobs and meals for all of us, individuals hear.

Tyler: In your opinion, what makes "The Angel Hunter" completely different from different books providing different spiritual tales like "The Da Vinci Code"?

J.A.: First let me say one thing to Dan Brown. The person is good. In "The Da Vinci Code" his character says he fell right into a effectively as a baby. He admits that it was Jesus who gave him the energy to step on water all night time till he was discovered. His religion saved him. People who find themselves critics of Dan Brown miss the entire level. Every part else is fluff. Does your religion empower you when gloomy circumstances happen? For Robert in "The Da Vinci Code". What else counts?

Now, "The Angel Hunter" does probably not provide another model of faith per phrase. Nonetheless, Victoria is introduced with sure info and circumstances that lead her to dismantle outdated dogmas and theocracies. In any other case your youngsters haven't any likelihood. And above all, she is a mom.

Tyler: What's the message that you simply hope individuals will take you after they learn "The Angel Hunter"?

J.A .: That's my hope. First, they take pleasure in historical past for what it's: a quick, intense ebook that attracts a lot of its gasoline from science, theology, historical past, and socioeconomic situations. And secondly, I hope for a spark of alertness by way of Victoria Hunter. A sense that true consciousness is attainable for all of us. It's a reward of the Creator to exist on this waking state and it's so simple.

Tyler: J.A., I perceive that you're planning a sequel to "The Angel Hunter"? Would you inform us one thing about this ebook and when can we anticipate its publication?

YES: The title is "The Tantalus Key" and on this ebook we'll see Victoria clarifying hidden truths in regards to the origins of humanity and why sure occasions in historical past should occur: needed to paint the Sistine Chapel. Why ought to Pope Julius II, whom Raphael and Da Vinci had at his disposal, select a sculptor who had little or no expertise as a fresco painter? We'll discover out and way more.

Tyler: J.A. earlier than we go, are you telling our readers about your web site and what extra data is there about "The Angel Hunter"?

Sure, sure, thanks. You may ship me an e-mail to

Tyler R. Tichelaar of Reader Views was happy to share with J.A. Leary to speak about his new novel "The Angel Hunter", ABISVC (2007), ISBN 9781595072160.

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