Atheistic Pseudoscience

Steven Weinberg says there was a scientific revolution within the 16th and 17th centuries. In his opinion, he supplies sufficient data to help a opposite principle. I agree with the speculation that trendy science started within the thirteenth century, when the Catholic Church condemned the Aristotelian concept that vacuum is not possible. Beforehand, the scientific achievements in historical and non-Western civilizations have been sporadic and unsustainable. The next quote helps this principle:

After the period of translation and the battle over the reception of Aristotle, the inventive scientific work in Europe lastly started within the 14th century. (2079)

What occurred within the West within the 14th century is that scientific information has been regularly evolving, with one scientist constructing on the successes of different scientists. The writer offers a sign of why this occurred:

Robert Merton steered that Protestantism produced social attitudes favorable to science, fostering a mix of rationalism and empiricism, and a perception in an comprehensible order of nature's attitudes and beliefs discovered within the precise conduct of Protestant scientists. (3977)

Science developed within the West and never within the different civilizations, as a result of scientists believed that God created the universe out of nothing. Which means that the universe has an "comprehensible order in nature" that evokes man to know the universe. The concept vacuum is not possible implies that God didn't create the universe as a result of God has infinite energy and will have created vacuum. Weinberg discusses the conviction of 1277 as it's referred to as, however believes that it hindered the event of scientific proof.

For my part, Steven Weinberg suffers from cognitive dissonance as a result of his atheism contradicts the truth that so many individuals imagine in God. The next quote reveals that he's obsessive about faith as a result of he feels the necessity to categorical his lack of religion in God in a e book on science and historical past:

It's not that the fashionable scientist makes the choice from the start that there aren't any supernatural individuals. It occurs to be my opinion, however there are good scientists who're severely spiritual. (789)

The next quote reveals that Weinberg's psychological and emotional struggling prevents him from being rational:

Or we encounter phenomena that in precept can't be introduced right into a uniform framework for all science. Though we could possibly perceive the processes within the mind which might be liable for consciousness, it's troublesome to see how we are going to bodily describe the acutely aware emotions. (4199)

An equally irrational quote from Carl Sagan, as recalled by Sean Carroll in a tv interview on PBS Newshour. Dr. Carroll posted the video on March 14, 2014 in his weblog titled "A Nice Time for Motive and Science." That's the quote:

We're a set of atoms and particles like the remainder of the universe, however we now have the ability to theorize, acquire knowledge, and perceive this universe.

The time period "mind liable for consciousness" is a sign of the acutely aware information of man versus the sensory information of animals. Science is an investigation technique that arises from sense observations. For instance: why is the sky blue? Realizing that the sky is blue means greater than mild enters your eye and a sign enters your mind. It means an consciousness of it. Individuals ask the query: what is that this consciousness? This isn't a scientific query as a result of it doesn't come from our senses. The query arises as a result of we are able to make ourselves the article of our information. It's a metaphysical query.

People have had a lot success in answering scientific questions, as this e book explains. It's affordable to say that there aren't any mysteries in science, solely questions that haven't but been answered. There's little success in answering metaphysical questions, and the phrase thriller is critical. When it comes to consciousness, this phrase will be averted by saying, "Heaven manifests its blueness, and persons are open to this manifestation." There isn't a proof that human consciousness is a mind course of. There are, in fact, indications that the sensory information of animals is a mind course of.

On consciousness, Steven Weinberg, Sean Carroll and Carl Sagan have a blind spot. Nonetheless, the next quote reveals that Weinberg didn't go to a Catholic faculty:

For Descartes, the one positive indisputable fact that he exists is derived from the statement that he thinks about it ... He (Rene Descartes) offers a number of (all convincing) arguments for the existence of God, however rejects the authority of organized faith. (3162)
He had wrongly mentioned that the pineal gland is the seat of a soul liable for human consciousness. (3181)

Descartes didn't "deduce" that he exists. His quote "I believe, that's why I'm" expressed a standard metaphysical expertise that all of us have. We all know that we exist, not as a result of we are able to see ourselves, however as a result of we are able to remodel ourselves and catch ourselves within the act of our personal existence.

Descartes tried to clarify free will by saying that behind his eyes is a psychological "little man" controlling the physique like a stagecoach driver controls a group of horses. This nonsense is named dualism and conflicts with the metaphysics of Thomas Aquinas, who described unity because the transcendental high quality of being. A stagecoach driver and a horse group shouldn't be a being, however many beings.

Descartes's arguments for God's existence have been in all probability based mostly on Aquin's well-known "5 Methods" and Aristotle's "Fundamental Propulsion Argument." The most effective argument for God's existence is named a cosmological argument for historic causes solely. It's based mostly on the metaphysics of Aquin and the statement that we now have free will. Free will implies that we now have a middle of motion that unites us in relation to ourselves however differs from different folks. In different phrases, people are finite beings. A finite being can't be the explanation for its personal existence as a result of it can't be restricted. To imagine or to hope that the universe is comprehensible implies that an infinite being exists and has created the universe of finite beings. Within the Western religions we name the Infinite God.

Physique and soul are the metaphysical ideas of matter and kind utilized to man. All people are equal as a result of we're all members of the identical class or class of beings. The soul is the metaphysical precept or incomplete being that makes us human, and the physique makes us totally different from one another.

We will perceive what a human is as a result of we all know every thing we do and what occurs to us. Nonetheless, we can't outline or clarify what an individual is. We will solely say that people are embodied spirits. One other method to categorical that is to say that the human soul is religious. In abstract, the physics professors Weinberg, Carroll and Sagan have no idea what they're speaking about.

Astronomical discoveries within the 1960s and later show that the universe started to exist 14 billion years in the past. This raises the scientific query: what precipitated the large bang? There isn't a scientific reply to this query, and many individuals imagine that this "hole" is proof of God's existence. To my information, the Massive Bang is a proof that God doesn't exist as a result of it's a proof that the universe shouldn't be comprehensible. The Massive Bang, nonetheless, is a cause to imagine within the Bible as a result of the Bible says in a number of locations that God created the universe out of nothing.

There are 4 extra gaps like this: What did the formation of prokaryotes on Earth 3.6 billion years in the past? What has made mammals develop from prokaryotes? What has been finished to fine-tune the bodily constants of organic life? Why was the second regulation of thermodynamics suspended when life started and changed into mammals?

One can name these 5 arguments for the existence of God pseudoscience, Atheists reply to this pseudoscience with pseudo-sciences which might be annoyingly unsuitable. Atheists attempt to combat hearth with hearth, or fears forestall them from pondering rationally and behaving truthfully. That is the pseudo-scientific reply to the deity's 5 arguments:

  1. The Massive Bang was brought on by a vacuum fluctuation.

  2. Life on Earth got here from one other galaxy.

  3. Evolution was brought on by pure choice.

  4. There are various different universes the place the constants are totally different.

  5. The second regulation of thermodynamics applies solely to closed methods.

Weinberg promotes # Three and # four in his e book. For evolution, I like to recommend that he reads these papers from mainstream scientists:

  • Evolution Revolution: Evolution is true. Darwin is unsuitable. That modifications every thing

  • Evolution: A glance from the 21st century

  • The plausibility of life: remedy Darwin's dilemma

Weinberg's dialogue of multiverse principle has made me notice why the speculation is irrational, and that's one of many causes I like to recommend the e book. If the earth was a bit of nearer to the solar or farther away, life wouldn't have been in a position to develop. Query: Why is the space between Earth and Solar 93 million miles? Reply: Random processes. If somebody doesn't perceive the time period "random processes," you possibly can level out that there are a whole bunch of billions of galaxies, every with a whole bunch of billions of stars, and plenty of planets will not be 93 million miles from their star. The query of multiverse principle is as follows: Why do the bodily constants have the worth they've? There isn't a reply to this query. The folks of Weinberg due to this fact give you the concept that there are numerous different universes by which the constants are totally different.

Weinberg and Carroll are responsible by the affiliation's sponsorship of # 5 as a result of they're American physicists. The American Journal of Physics has revealed an article entitled "Entropy and Evolution" (Am J. Phys., Vol. 76, No. 11, November 2008), which states that evolution doesn't violate the second regulation Thermodynamics violates and the outcomes of an absurd signifies calculation. The article disgraces each physicist in the USA.

There's one other instance of pseudoscience in his e book that doesn't replicate Weinberg's character, as it may be present in physics textbooks on quantum mechanics. I'm maybe the one who's responsible of pseudoscience.

As a substitute of calculating the trajectories of a planet or a particle, one computes the evolution of likelihood waves whose depth at every place and at any given time signifies the probability of discovering the planet or particle in a single place. (3896)

Weinberg refers back to the statistical Born interpretation of the Shrödinger perform. There's a lot proof that the Shrödinger perform is a wave, however there is no such thing as a proof that it's a likelihood wave. I give my arguments in an article titled "The Metaphysics of Quantum Mechanics."

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