Ark Of The Covenant - Kenyans Now Declare Custody Of The Ark Of The Covenant

The unique chest of the Ark is in Kenya, we will verify it now binding. The chest is claimed to comprise the ten commandments that God has given to Moses, as said in Exodus 25. 6 - 10 is for the reason that 12 months 1210 AD in Kenya.

In a paid advert in The PEOPLE DAILY on November 9, 2007, the Chief Seer's ambassador defined intimately how the ark was transported from its unique location to the Temple of King Solomon in Jerusalem. Solomon had a son with an odd spouse, Prince Menelik 1. On the age of 19, he went to Sheba (Ethiopia) to attend his coronation and carry the chest with the approval of the Levites. After years of momentary residence in Ethiopia, the ark in Axum was retired.

In Axum, Tunyaga (the folks of the cross) or Nguo Ndune (the purple costume) had conspired to steal Managi and Ikunjo (The Ark of the Covenant and the Scrolls). Plot. In the course of the escape to cover the treasure, the warfare broke out and needed to be cooked to Tagana (Tana Island). From Tana Island, the warfare moved to the Somali coast, Kaya forests in Kwale alongside the Kenyan coast. To distract consideration, a duplicate of the ark was made in Digo, nonetheless on the Kenyan coast, and damaged into items.

Nonetheless, this didn't assist because the warfare intensified and the Kabiru invaded the mainland. They rapidly bury the Managi and the scrolls in secret locations in Mt. Kenya. The creator additional claims that the location the place the ark is positioned and named by students as Tripple S, TSC Sherine, won't ever be the topic of analysis. The scrolls, that are of equal significance and understood at websites with acknowledged IKB and IKC, might, nonetheless, be dug up and disposed of responsibly.

This revelation is more likely to spark new curiosity within the nice seek for the Ark of the Covenant. Within the article, the creator reveals that Mount Kenya is taken into account the mountain of God. The shrines in it are saved secret by a school of 12 seers who shield their knowledge. Individuals who pray with raised arms and lookup on the mountain are at all times answered by God. The sort of prayer was foretold by David when he mentioned, "The Ethiopians will increase their arms to God in prayer."

It was adopted because the Gikuyu prayer fashion when the ark was taken into custody.

The revelation and occasions of the approaching week, when the Gikuyu communities have been requested to wish along with God, ought to be of nice curiosity to non secular faculties and historians.

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